"Fabio has the great combination that I look for in a life coach: he leads with his heart complimented by sharp insight that helps laser in what the issues are for his clients. He uses a relational approach to help guide clients out of their stuck places. If you haven't yet experienced Fabio Fina, do it!"

R.S., colleague, Life Coach and Psychotherapist,
San Francisco, CA


"Fabio Fina is my friend and soul brother on the path. He brings the unique gift of seeing and sensing through the veils. He has a humble, graceful, and powerful approach to coaching and supporting others. Fabio might be the most skilled man at his trade... He has the ability to plug-in to what is actually going on in your life while holding the biggest view of who you are and then guide you through a process that takes you and your body right to the core of the matter you are wanting changed. If you want affordable coaching that will simply change your life, I highly recommend Fabio and his work"

— J.G., men’s leader and Relationship coach


"Working with Fabio has been very powerful and healing for me.

I have worked with literally dozens of healers and therapists. Many of them body-centered psychotherapists.

While I have gotten a lot of value from many of them, I have had a hard time finding healers that actually help me work with all the energy and shock in my body in the most supportive way.

When I have a friend who is asking for a referral to do some serious healing work with a good therapist, I feel sad at how few therapists I could genuinely recommend.

I can only count 2 or 3 that I would recommend right now, and Fabio is one of them.

Fabio holds a very clear, gentle, and non-judgmental presence with all that arises in me - gently holding me while I let it move through... helping the sometimes stormy waters and choppy waves of trauma and shock move through me in a more gentle and soft way

— R.F., business owner and psychotherapist