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results: what you can expect

What people have said about my work:

“Working with Fabio has been very powerful and healing for me.I have worked with literally dozens of healers and therapists. Many of them body-centered psychotherapists. While I have gotten a lot of value from many of them, I have had a hard time finding healers that actually help me work with all the energy and shock in my body in the most supportive way.When I have a friend who is asking for a referral to do some serious healing work with a good therapist, I feel sad at how few therapists I could genuinely recommend.I can only count 2 or 3 that I would recommend right now, and Fabio is one of them.Fabio holds a very clear, gentle, and non-judgmental presence with all that arises in me - gently holding me while I let it move through... helping the sometimes stormy waters and choppy waves of trauma and shock move through me in a more gentle and soft way."
~ R.F., psychotherapist and entrepreneur

“Fabio Has a gentle and strong way of facilitating groups. I have found the strength of the people he attracts and the heart he puts into the structure of his work. I recommend his facilitation.”~A. H., grad student and nature-based mentor

“I discovered how my self-worth, confidence, and lack of power all connected with my beliefs about money and then was able to work through this in an empowered environment. I could not recommend this group more, to anyone who struggles with self-worth, power, finances, life purpose, career and lack etc." ~ C.H., teacher and mental health counselor

“Fabio and his intense passion for maps is an excellent guide for the territory within. Moving along the forest of our teeming relationships with life and it’s complexities, especially around finances, has been a golden experience. Fabio is a gifted facilitator and a burgeoning map-maker, at home with the paradoxes and the narrow passages of our interiors. I would strongly suggest taking a journey with him. Ancient myth suggests that you must trust the guide who leads you toward the center of yourself. And what you find there, perhaps, is a wealth that is beyond words.” ~K.M., drum teacher, master gardener

“This session was seriously amazing. I didn't know what to expect going into it, but I was wowed when I left. I have had a Reiki treatment before but this was different and seemed more powerful. The session honestly felt as though I was experiencing some magical shamanic rite and despite re-living some rather 'negative', emotional or sad experiences, Fabio was able to show me how to connect with energy that made me feel grounded and secure while these memories were released. I feel very grateful and blessed to have been introduced to such a life changing experience. Thank you Fabio:-)" ~S.H., massage therapist

”With insight, patience, and warmth, Fabio took the overwhelming question of "WTF Am I Doing With My Life" and broke it down into manageable pieces. With gentleness, intelligence, and sincerity, he guided me through questions that gave me a deeper understanding of myself and the kind of role I can have in the world while creating a non-judgmental space of discovery, vulnerability, and growth. I left our time together feeling seen, understood, and accepted and with a greater sense of clarity, empowerment, and possibility about where my life can go. Many thanks!" ~ E.H., med-student


how psychotherapy works

You bring who you are, shadows, worries, pain and all.

I sit with you and provide and empathic ear and help you process your deepest fears.

You are safe here and your diverse inner parts are welcomed.

Timeline: 12-15 sessions


my approach and techniques

  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy

  • IFS: Internal Family Systems

  • Brainspotting

  • EFT-Tapping

  • Life Coaching