Anger, anger repressed, and anger control problems

If you relate to some of these sentences, you may be displaying symptoms of anger:

  • I’m never angry

  • I shouldn’t be angry

  • I’m angry all.the.time.

  • I get frustrated with the most stupid simple things

  • I can keep my anger in until I explode

  • There’s a monster in me, volcanic rage

  • I can’t let my anger out or I will kill somebody

  • I feel like I have my feet on the brake all the time, I can’t let loose

  • I’m super self critical, I’m my own worst enemy

  • I tend to be cynical of the world

  • I’m skeptical of other people, they can’t be trusted

  • I need to keep my guard up at all times

  • People will take advantage of me if I let down my defenses

  • Fk this! and F**k that!

  • F**k it, I don’t need this! I don’t care