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Welcome to my website.

Hi, I'm Fabio, 

Do you struggle with finding a sense of meaning, direction and purpose in your life?

Does your anger ruin good situations, relationships, and opportunities?

Do you find yourself criticizing people around you, as well as being self-critical?

Does your anger, or unexpected rage, sabotage your efforts to move forward in your life?

Do you find yourself despairing about life and thinking "will things ever get better?"

I help people change:

  • Feelings of criticism into more self-kindness, less depression, anxiety, despair, and anger

  • Depression into a greater optimistic and hopeful approach to life

  • Explosive and surprising anger into more profound self-acceptance, connection, respect and honoring of your inner values

  • PTSD and trauma into peace and accepting who you are right now

  • Sex issues into feeling more confident in your body and relaxed in intimate situations

My work could be a fit for you if…

  • You are craving depth but struggle to find it.

  • You are determined to find resolution and healing, whatever it takes

  • You have tried therapy before, but it did not quite work

  • It's your first time in therapy, and wondering if this could help you

  • You sometimes feel hopeless about getting better, but believe that a solution is available out there




The Problem:

You may be struggling with:


    • Anger

      • feeling mad; sudden spikes of rage; unexpressed anger

    • Anxiety

      • panic attacks, nervousness

    • Depression

      • feeling sad, low, unmotivated or unhappy and dissatisfied with life


    • Developmental and attachment trauma

      • emotional or psychological wounding in early childhood

    • War and violence

      • being the victim or witnessing it

    • Accident and/or sports injury

    • Sexual abuse and molestation


    • Sexual dysfunction

      • erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual desire

    • “Nice Guy” syndrome

    • Codependency or low self-confidence

    • Father/Mother complex

      • feeling like a “lost boy”, fatherless or motherless


the solution:

You bring who you are, shadows, worries, pain and all. I sit with you and provide an empathic ear and help you process your deepest fears. You are safe here and your diverse inner parts are welcomed.

Here are some testimonials about my work:

“Fabio has the great combination that I look for: he leads with his heart complimented by sharp insight that helps laser in what the issues are for his clients. He uses a relational approach to help guide clients out of their stuck places. If you haven't yet experienced Fabio Fina, do it!"
~R.S., psychotherapist and published writer

“Fabio Fina is my friend and soul brother on the path. He brings the unique gift of seeing and sensing through the veils. He has a humble, graceful, and powerful approach to supporting others. Fabio might be the most skilled man at his trade... He has the ability to plug-in to what is actually going on in your life while holding the biggest view of who you are and then guide you through a process that takes you and your body right to the core of the matter you are wanting changed. If you want to change your life, I highly recommend Fabio and his work."
~Jayson, psychotherapist, relationship coach and podcast entrepreneur


my approach and TECHNIQUES:

  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy

  • Client-centered therapy

  • IFS: Internal Family Systems

  • Brainspotting for trauma processing

  • EFT-Tapping for trauma

  • Life Coaching and psychoeducation

  • Informed by:

    • depth-psychology (Carl Jung, James Hillman, Robert Johnson)

    • eco-psychology (Johanna Macy, Bill Plotkin)

    • indigenous psychologies (Eduardo Duran, Martin Prechtel)

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